AZ Dog Sports and AZ Dog Smart are happy to list adoptable dogs for our rescue partners in the Phoenix/Scottsdale community. You may contact the appropriate foster representative or adoption counselor for each dog listed.

Please note: this is a courtesy post only.

AZ Dog Sports and AZ Dog Smart are not affiliated with any one rescue. We have not necessarily evaluated or met the dogs. Most are in loving foster homes waiting for their forever family.

AZ Dog Sports will donate a $20 coupon to any adopting family for in home private training or small group class training.

Meet Tiny!

Tiny is a 2 year old female dog that weighs about 40 pounds. She is spayed and is up to date on all her vaccines. She has no known health conditions and is not on a special diet.

We adopted Tiny at about 4 months old after being in a foster home since she was 6 weeks old. Tiny was found with her mother and her sister wandering in the desert. They were all rescued together and Tiny was weaned so she went into a foster home.

She is amazing with people and dogs. We had our first child and while Tiny was very comfortable with the baby when she was immobile, she became more nervous as our daughter started to crawl. She is often around our toddler niece and there are no issues.

Tiny nipped at our 9 month old daughter who was crawling towards her on the couch. The nip did not break the skin. We supervise and monitor them at all times. Tiny is still often very sweet and loving with our daughter especially when we are holding our daughter, she is in her crib, or high chair. Tiny seems to become the most nervous when our daughter is crawling towards her.

We sought the help of a pet behaviorist, and she provided us with training and exercise recommendations which are listed below. We have been advised that we need to be realistic with our ability to follow through on the recommendations to ensure safe interactions with our daughter and to have a happy Tiny. After much soul searching we believe the right decision is to re-home Tiny to a family that is able to commit to the exercise and training requirements.

More information about Tiny:

  • Tiny loves to run and play but also loves to snuggle and cuddle with you! She likes long walks, hikes, running at the dog park and in the backyard, and chewing on her toys and
  • She is great with other dogs, especially dogs who are similar in size and love to play as As she can be fearful/anxious, she may get nervous when first meeting new dogs but this typically changes as they get more comfortable with each other – she has several doggie friends that she plays well with in our home and theirs. She has no previous interaction with cats.
  • She is potty-trained.
  • She knows some basic commands – “sit”, “shake”, “lay down”, “ok” (release), “go to your mat”, “kennel”, (we are still working on “wait”, “leave it” and “off”)
  • She loves to be in bed with her humans/sit on the couch and furniture but is currently learning to sleep in her bed or on the floor next to you and lay on her mats rather than the furniture – Introducing boundaries has really helped keep Tiny more relaxed and happy!
  • She loves treats and human food! She often does not eat her food in the morning but will eventually eat her breakfast and dinner closer to the evening/nighttime. She is currently being switched from grain-free dog food to food with grains (Costco regular adult dog dry food).
  • When you leave the house, you can put her in her We often throw a treat in there with her as well. She may cry a bit at first, but she is very calm and happy in her kennel! Her kennel is also a great place for her to go if she gets overly excited or nervous… she quickly relaxes and knows she is in a safe place.
  • At our home, she knows she can “knock” on the back door to let us know she wants to go outside… this doesn’t always mean she needs to go potty but sometimes that she just wants to play.

She is the most sweet and loving dog and we are so lucky to have her in our lives and just want her to have the happiest life she deserves.

Information from Pet Behaviorist:


 Tiny should be walked off property, in different locations at least two times per day, until she is tired (that is, she goes home and sleeps). Novel experiences that could be provided with different routes will require Tiny to use mental activity to process the new sights, sounds, and smells. Such engagement will tire her out even more and the corresponding saying “A tired dog is a good dog” is very Dogs, like people, benefit from mental stimulation/enrichment.

  1. To provide Tiny a comfortable place to be close to you without being on the furniture, get a couple of dog beds for
  2. Enroll in a Pet Obedience Class to get better control of

Work to earn: Dogs need structure in their living arrangement and Tiny is no exception. You need to impose this structure humanely in order to achieve a manageable life situation. Tiny can continue to have the same amount of attention and affection she has been receiving. However, she needs to work for them. Tiny must perform something that you ask of her before she gets any attention. She needs to learn to look to you for direction, and to follow your instructions.

Boundary exercises: Follow the exercises that are on the handout without force. The goal is to remind your dog that she needs to listen to you and respect you. She must be in no position to demand attention from you. It is very important that you always start and end play sessions. Stop the play BEFORE she is ready, so that you are in charge of the game. Control the food and the attention you lavish on her. There are many resources available for Tiny that you want to give to her. She needs to learn to ask politely for them.

Fear/Anxiety Induced Aggression: Tiny has some inordinate fearful tendencies about new, uncertain situations.

Commands for Tiny to practice: “Stay”, “Wait”, “Touch”, “Leave it”, “Watch Me”, “Come”

Call Layne 602-430-6619 or Don 602-403-0478

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Meet Ebony!

Ebony is a nearly five-year-old 35LB mixed breed (terrier/shepherd) that has a sweet disposition.  She loves long walks, obsesses over lizards and birds and is extremely smart.  We think she would make a great agility dog.
Ebony is very healthy, micro-chipped and has all of her vaccinations.  She is also spayed, house-broken, and kennel trained.
Ebony had a rough start to life and is a little skittish and stand offish at first.  But with a little love and trust she will open up.  She is temporarily living with another dog, and the two dogs don’t get along (the other one is constantly attacking Ebony).  The owner doesn’t want to give her up but wants a place where Ebony can be at peace and live her best life.
Ebony needs a forever home, one in a household where she is the only pet, and there are older children 7+.

Call Layne 602-430-6619 or email

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Meet Benny!

Benny is an 8(ish) year old rescue dog who is looking to be re-homed. He is a Havanese mix, about 12lbs, with a history of biting. Benny is an anxious dog that becomes aggressive when provoked. Unfortunately his parents cannot  keep him since they are expecting a baby.

Benny would excel in a home with no kids or dogs. He’s very food motivated and easy to train. Once he gets to know you and trust you, he will make himself comfortable in your home. Benny is crate trained, potty trained, and has received behavioral training in the past.

Benny’s favorite activities include running on grass, going on walks, laying in the sunshine, and once comfortable, loves a good head rub.

Whoever adopts Benny will need to go through training with him to better understand his boundaries and limitations. Benny is fully vaccinated and chipped. He will come with a crate, dog beds, and his favorite toys.

Call Layne 602-430-6619 or Don 602-403-0478

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Meet Baxter!

Baxter is a 6-year-old Boston Terrier who loves being around grownup human beings (the little guys make him nervous).

Here is what Baxter has to say about himself:

I would like nothing better than spending the day hanging out with you…. That is if I am not busy sunbathing or patrolling the back yard. I like to run and gracefully pirouette over the flower borders just like a star from the “Boston” ballet. I am very obedient. You can bathe me and trim my nails without me making a fuss. I am very smart and also crate trained. My preference would be to share the bed with you, but I understand you might not be up for that ….so in that case I can sleep in my crate. I am proud to say that I am not destructive and am perfectly house trained.
My Favorite Things: Going on walks (You will need to use my “no escape” harness and work on my obedience training during our walk). P.S. I am bringing my winter coat for those chilly days. Riding in the car … so many exciting sights keep me glued to the window. FOOD…I love eating food, love watching food being prepared, love staring at your food while you eat… yep, FOOD is my passion!
Playtime is fun for me in short burst. I like tug-of-war and fetch and play-fighting with another small dog who “plays nice”.
Around other Dogs: I have never been an “only dog” but I think it would be great! Putting up with other dogs, day-in, day-out, can make me bossy. Supervising me on walks is important because I can be dog-selective sometimes.

Baxter’s luggage includes:

  • A bed
  • Collar, lead, and 2 harnesses
  • Winter coat
  • Food and Water bowl
  • Medical records
  • Toy

Call Layne 602-430-6619 or Don 602-403-0478

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Liko was adopted!



Billy & Dutch are looking for a new home!

Billy & Dutch’s mom is having to find them a new home because she is faced with having to move into assisted living. 
Billy is a Shepherd Mix who has earned his CGC and loves to take walks and play!  He’s an easy going dog that loves to hang in his bed.  Dutch is a Chihuahua who only has three legs but doesn’t know it!  He’s active, likes to play with soft toys and enjoys an active walk with his mom.  He may be a bit barky on walks sometimes.  Can you help them?


Call Layne 602-430-6619 or Don 602-403-0478

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Yay for Oden! He found his forever home!