AZ Dog Sports and AZ Dog Smart are happy to list adoptable dogs for our rescue partners in the Phoenix/Scottsdale community. You may contact the appropriate foster representative or adoption counselor for each dog listed.

Please note: this is a courtesy post only.

AZ Dog Sports and AZ Dog Smart are not affiliated with any one rescue. We have not necessarily evaluated or met the dogs. Most are in loving foster homes waiting for their forever family.

AZ Dog Sports will donate a $20 coupon to any adopting family for in home private training or small group class training.

Meet Dess!

  • Cattle dog mix, about 40-45lbs
  • 8 months old, Born April 2019
  • UTD on all core vaccines + lepto & bordetella
  • Microchipped
  • All paperwork available
  • Fed kibble diet + partial raw
  • No known medical issues

We’ve fostered him for the last 2 months.  Previous owner had him since 8 weeks old &  kenneled him 12- 14 hours a day (he was a college student). He realized it wasn’t a good quality of life for him at a young age and allowed us to step in and take him.  In the last 2 months we have worked on basic house manners, learning boundaries and proper crate training. This dog came to me not knowing how to act outside of a kennel so we are proud at how far he’s come in such a short time.

He does well with other dogs, however he WILL take advantage of smaller dogs and bully them when given the chance. If going to a dog park he’ll flee if chased, so it’s best to introduce him to that scene slowly. He is enrolled with a dog daycare and they say he does great there.

He is very mouthy and nippy- your typical herding traits. He’ll come up from behind and nip at your legs and butt. When he gets over excited his licks will turn into little nips. He never bites with the intention of hurting you. But because of how mouthy he is I would not recommended him being around children.  Unknown with cats, but knowing how he is with small dogs I would not recommended that either. He is not a fan of strangers and will growl and bark. Once he gets a chance to greet them he’s a lot better. He now sleeps sound in a kennel at night and during the day if needed. Has some typical puppy tantrums from time to time, but does not exceed whining. Does well in the car. Does well on the leash. Behaves on outings and in public. We are working on holding sits while out to eat, shop etc. I do not let strangers pet him since he is wary of them. Beyond basic manners he doesn’t know much else. He has a great recall & sit. Working on down. No party tricks or other commands since we had bigger issues to tackle. He is the type to push boundaries and tries to get away with things, so he’ll need someone who is strict and has the patience to continue correcting him.

He needs heavy amounts of physical and mental exercise. He’d be a great hiking partner- he doesn’t like to stray far from the pack and recalls quickly with a lot of energy. He does play with the other dogs in the house, but always prefers to be around me and play with me instead. Being in a multi-dog household isn’t enough for him, so having a human that’ll have time to work one on one with him to exercise is a must. He is VERY food motivated and is super eager to please. He is always excited to work with me one on one. He is fairly calm in the house. Hasn’t chewed anything inside. Is house trained. He’ll either sit or pace by the back door when he needs to go out. Sometimes he’ll bark.

He is not a good fit for a first time dog owner. Herding dog experience recommend due to his quirks. Overall great dog with a lot of potential, just needs a active owner who is dog savvy and has a established relationship with a dog trainer/club like AZ Dog Sports to continue his obedience and meet his mental needs.

He will be available after January 1st.

CALL Heather Crowley at 315-956-2633 or email at

Meet Max!

Max is a playful 1 1/2 – 2 year old neutered male, Shepherd/Lab mix. He is vaccinated and micro-chipped.
Max is potty trained and kennel trained.  Right now we are working on leash training and mouthing.  He’s getting better with both!


Meet Hardy!

Hardy is a male, 2 year old Red Heeler/Australian Shepherd mix.  Hardy is micro-chipped, healthy, neutered and vaccinated. Hardy would love an active family!

He is potty trained, kennel trained, and has had basic obedience training. Walks well on a leash.  He is a super steady dog. Gets along great with other kids, dogs, cats, and horses. He loves to cuddle up next to you.

Hardy also comes with 30 days free pet insurance. A free vet check at select vets.


justice, pets for adoption, az dog smart, dog trainingMeet Justice!

Justice is a 3 year old Dachshund Chihuahua mix.  He came from an adverse living situation and has made an incredible progress since.  He still suffers from shyness and fear so it’s going to take a very special family to bring Justice into their home.   We have been working diligently with him and have done a lot of work on confidence building by getting him involved in agility at AZ Dog Sports.  This really increased his confidence level!  He’s a lover and very affectionate once he gets to know you.

He’s currently being fostered in a multi-dog household.

Justice deserves a 2nd chance. Please consider becoming his hero!


Rocky Rocket & Lucy Lint


These 2 adorable pups have quite the story to tell! From being, being rescued out of the mountains of Arizona to their adventures at The Fetch Foundation.   Since they had been found with leashes, collars, and in wonderful shape, everyone in the community looked for their owner for 3 weeks!

Now weeks later and completely vetted we need to find this bonded pair a FOREVER home.

Easy going, love kids, love to play!  They don’t chew on your collection of things and sleep all night right next to you. Rocky (black/white, Border Collie/Aussie) is about 16 months old all boy and Lucy Lint is a dainty lady about 2 (Aussie/Cattle Dog). Super affectionate and obviously have had some training. They are house and crate trained but do not misbehave in the house to need one. They ride great in a car and do well on leash. We have gone back and forth on separating but truly believe these 2 need to be together. Good with other balanced dogs but don’t know about cats … they are working dogs so maybe not 🙁

If you have a fenced yard for them to run, love to hike, and heart big enough to hold all the love these two are ready to give, please text Foster Mama Marie at The Fetch Foundation 602-617-2656.


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