AZ Dog Sports and AZ Dog Smart are happy to list adoptable dogs for our rescue partners in the Phoenix/Scottsdale community. You may contact the appropriate foster representative or adoption counselor for each dog listed.

Please note: this is a courtesy post only.

AZ Dog Sports and AZ Dog Smart are not affiliated with any one rescue. We have not necessarily evaluated or met the dogs. Most are in loving foster homes waiting for their forever family.

AZ Dog Sports will donate a $20 coupon to any adopting family for in home private training or small group class training.

Meet Naomi!

Naomi is a 4 year old 120 lb, spayed, golden sable, Shiloh Shepherd who we have had since a pup.  She is a loving, kind, and obedient companion.  Everyone who meets her comments on how smart, kind and special she is!  She has never once growled or become aggressive toward any person, but she is dog selective. We take her on frequent walks and everyone wants to meet her and pet her.  She loves when children come up to her and pet her.  She is very patient with their attention.  She is leash trained with a “halti muzzle” and knows heal, sit and stay.  She enjoys joining us at outdoor cafe’s and will sit patiently while we eat.  She does not beg for food.  She has been a great companion to our 15lb Bichon Poodle, but is dog selective with other dogs. We believe she would do well in a home with adults and children. Naomi has a big yard to run in and loves to play catch with a ball and Frisbee.  She ignores the cats and birds who come into the yard.

If you would like to meet Naomi, please contact Karla Armbruster at 602-743-3977 (text or call) or email to set up a time to meet her!

adopt a dogMeet Bella!

Bella is a Golden mixed with love, energy and smarts! This girl will love to be an active family member and thinks Agility /Barn Hunt/ Fly-ball would all be great hobbies! Bella has some canine friends but is picky about who is her buddy. She would be fine as an only pet. She will do best with older kids that will understand and love her energy and antics. This gal loves to run so a yard is a must. Bella is approximately 18 mo old and she is crate and house-trained. She is also up to date on shots, chipped and altered. We know she will be happiest in an active home with lots of attention.  Wait until you her her talk to you! It’s a real conversation not a bark!


justice, pets for adoption, az dog smart, dog trainingMeet Justice!

Justice is a 3 year old Dachshund Chihuahua mix.  He came from an adverse living situation and has made an incredible progress since.  He still suffers from shyness and fear so it’s going to take a very special family to bring Justice into their home.   We have been working diligently with him and have done a lot of work on confidence building by getting him involved in agility at AZ Dog Sports.  This really increased his confidence level and now he seems to be a normal dog!  He’s very affectionate with our household people and will be affectionate with you as well, after he acclimates.   It’s just going to take a little time and love.

The first few days I’m sure he’ll be stand-offish but with a little patience I can guarantee he’ll be as loving and affectionate with you as he is here!  Once he does build the trust he’ll want to be in your lap all the time and he loves giving kisses!


Meet Paula!

2 year old – Black Labrador Retriever

Weight: 63.50 pounds

Paula loves car rides.  She normally lays down in the back and naps while in the car.  She never jumps from the vehicle without permission to release from sitting position or a command of “let’s go.”

Toys and stuffed animals; she loves them.  However, toys are no match for Paula and life is short for stuffed animals.  Kongs with a little peanut butter will keep Paula busy for hours.  Micro-fleece blankets or tug ropes are also no match for this rough and tumble girl.  So be watchful if she is permitted to play with any of these items.  They will not be intact for long.

In public.  Paula is happy to see everyone.  She needs positive reinforcement not to greet adults, dogs, and children.  She likes to investigate so redirection to a stay or settle position is necessary.

Paula needs extensive socialization with other dogs to get over her reactive tendency in public.  At home she is very social and will enjoy sitting quietly with other canines.  However, if she plays it must be supervised.  She tends to be a dominant player.

Paula loves to cuddle and spend time snuggling with you.  After a quick cuddle she prefers to lay on the cool tile floor.  Her favorite reward from a handler – is a belly rub or scratching her ears.



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