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Your Dog Training Career Could Look Like This!
Teaching the art of Clicker Training

In your new dog training career, you get to teach dog parents how easy it can be to train their dog!

As you immerse yourself in the world of dog training, you will find out there are many avenues to teach someone how to have a great pet.  Clicker training is one of the most effective ways to get quick and meaningful results from dog training.   When training your dog, the clicker might just become your best friend.  And you can teach others how to make it their best friend as well!  Dog trainers who use the clicker-training method are very effective trainers and get great results for their dog families.

Watch Kwanho Song from our Dog Trainer Academy as he teaches the art of basic clicker training…

At AZ Dog Smart Academy, we learn how to teach clicker training as a very effective part of dog-handling.  You can make a tremendous difference in the lives of dog families all over!  By starting your dog training career, you could be the difference between a dog just living in a home and a dog actually thriving in his environment!

If you think you can help other families enjoy their dog more, check out our Academy classes here!

If you would like a private consultation from our Academy Owner, click here or give Layne Kizler a call at 602-430-6619.



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