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By October 15, 2017Uncategorized

dog trainer training, az dog smart academyAt AZ Dog Smart Academy, we specialize in dog trainer training.  It is our goal to give you the formal education you need to succeed in your new dog training career.  Take it from us, we know what people want when they are looking for a dog trainer.  We hire dog trainers on a regular basis and when it comes to hiring a new dog trainer, we only want the best and only hire the best.  Loving what you do for a living is very high on our list of candidate qualifications.

So, I wasn’t surprised when I recently asked our trainers for some of the reasons they LOVE being a dog trainer.  They were very willing to share!   One very special things that they mentioned is the endless supply of puppy breath and puppy love that you get.

If you are like most dog people, one of your greatest joys in life is seeing puppies.  You love to see their squinty eyes and cute little noses as they nuzzle up to their mom.  You might even like the feel of their little teeth as they nibble on your feet.  Everyone agrees that puppies are cute, but to actually enjoy the smell of their breath or the feel of a tiny wet kiss, might mean you should be a dog trainer!

If you like to make your own hours, wear comfy clothes, combine exercise & work, and enjoy talking to people; a dog trainer training academy is a great place to pursue this career. There are many dog trainer training resources to choose from at AZ Dog Smart Academy. Check into a dog training academy that provides accredited trainers and a certification program. If you love dogs, want a flexible job, and you want to educate others about what you love, this may be your dream career!

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