How to expand your knowledge base learning different dog training methods and techniques!

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Real Life Experience at AZ Dog Smart Academy

You want and have always wanted to become a dog trainer; but you’re a little intimidated doing it all on your own.

Become a dog trainer!

Yes you can do it.

But how are you going to learn multiple methods and techniques experientially? Meaning, when you start training, don’t you want to have the experience and expertise from multiple trainers? Wouldn’t you be more confident and empowered in your new career if you had a supportive environment to learn in?

Well this is why many people come to the AZ DOG SMART Academy, because they can learn an array of techniques and styles from so many different trainers.

During a recent interview from a student Jaymie, who chose AZ DOG SMART, she stated, “I started training dogs my junior year in high school. I enrolled in a service dog training program through my high school. I had always known I wanted to work with animals; but wasn’t sure as to what capacity that would be in. If it was working with dogs or not. After I trained my first service dog, I knew I wanted to work with dogs. After I graduated high school, I continued working with service dogs and I enrolled in a different program helping them. I eventually realized I needed another outlet to learn from.”

Jaymie continues, “I realize now I’m going to train dogs for the rest of my life. I do love helping people understand their own dogs and live with dogs in a better, happier way. After this realization, I started looking at schools and training programs.”

Why Jaymie chose AZ DOG SMART Academy?

“I noticed AZ Dog Sports had a school for dog trainers. It was close and very hands-on. I decided that was the program that was right and I’m very happy with my decision to go there. I took the positive reinforcement training. I’ve been mentoring with them ever since.”

The best moments from the program!

When we asked her how the AZ DOG SMART has impacted her, Jaymie said, “Just seeing how a dog can change when you know how to read the dog’s body language. You can apply the training and you can help the dogs learn in a way that is positive and fun for them and their handler. That’s so inspiring to me.”

Jaymie explains why it’s beneficial to learn from multiple trainers!

“At the AZ DOG SMART ACADEMY, you learn from so many different trainers and backgrounds and there’s no limit to the knowledge. They all have different perspectives of training. The way the different trainers execute is beneficial because of the multiple ideas you get as a student.  If the first way doesn’t work you can try different ways. There is a variety of different methods and there are always options. I trained with another place and all the information came from one person. With AZ DOG SMART ACADEMY, you get to create what you think training should be and learn from so many different people. I’ve had so many great experiences.”

You have a choice, you can try becoming a dog trainer alone or you can enroll in a professional program and learn an array of techniques and methods in the midst of a warm, loving, supportive dog community. In this AZ DOG SMART ACADEMY family, you’ll be surrounded by dog lovers just like yourself and gain the experience most trainers want to have when they begin, which will give you a competitive edge in the market.

If you are ready to pursue a career or dog training business teaching dogs,
please contact AZ DOG SMART ACADEMY, Layne Kizler 602-430-6619

When you’re a student at AZ Dog Smart Academy you’ll:

  • Gain credibility as a dog trainer
  • You’ll learn from an array of different trainers, different techniques working with an array of breeds
  • You’ll get the training and support you need to grow and excel as a dog trainer or professional
  • You’ll be surrounded with like-minded dog lovers, trainers and the dog community
  • You’ll learn how to run a dog training business from others who are doing it
  • You’ll be prepared for professional certification that will help you stand out among your competition
  • You’ll become comfortable training dogs and teaching people in a group setting
  • Your new career training dogs will shift from a dream to a reality with the support of caring people

Here’s what others are saying about AZ Dog Smart Academy:

“AZ DOG SMART Academy has been such a great experience and it’s impacted my life. I am now able to work with animals doing what I love to do. There are so many benefits in working with this particular school.” ~ Jaimie, Student AZ DOG SMART ACADEMY

“Now I’m retiring and it’s finally time for me to do what I have always loved. I thought, if I could teach children, I could teach animals and I can teach people how to work with their animals. This way I can help prevent dogs from going into shelters.” ~Denise, Student AZ DOG SMART ACADEMY




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