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learn train dog, learn how to train your dog, games with dogs, az dog smartLearn How to Train Your Dog … Using Games

Dogs love games.

We love games.

We love games with dogs.

Did you know you can turn the games you play with your dog into useful training tools?  And that your dog won’t even realize he is learning something while having fun at the same time?  Playing games with a purpose is an exceptional training tool to elevate your dog’s obedience to the next level.

Watch as one of our new trainers Kwanho Song shows us how he took “Winston” a reactive dog, to “Winston” a remarkable dog, using games.


Have you dreamed of helping rescue dogs but don’t know where to start or what to do?  Becoming a certified dog trainer is a great way to help dogs up for adoption find their forever families!  Training a rescue dog gives them a greater chance of finding a suitable home for life.  You can be part of the solution!  Learn how to be a dog trainer today!

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