Redirecting Reactive Dog – The Art of Dog Handling

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Redirecting A Reactive Dog – A challenge you will face as a dog trainer

When you decide to become a dog trainer, your dog families will come to you with a wide array of requests.  You will hear all sorts of issues that need to be fixed or tricks that need to be taught.  But there is one issue that you will inevitably encounter more often than not…reactivity.  Dogs can have reactive issues to many different situations and in many different forms.  We at AZ Dog Sports & AZ Dog Smart believe that all dogs are capable of learning to live with this issue and live happy lives with their families!

Watch here as Kwanho Song shows us a technique he uses when working with a reactive dog:


If you want to help other families work out issues so they can leave peacefully with their new dogs, becoming a dog trainer might be for you!

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