School for Dog Trainers – Where you can learn to love your job!

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At AZ Dog Smart & AZ Dog Sports we take our school for dog trainers very seriously.  When it comes to hiring a new dog trainer, we only want the best and only hire the best.  Loving what you do for a living is very high on our list of candidate qualifications.

So, I wasn’t surprised when I recently asked our trainers for some of the reasons they LOVE being a dog trainer.  One trainer remarked that his favorite part of becoming a dog trainer was learning how fascinating dog body language can be!

Dogs communicate in their own way.  It’s a very simple language, once you learn it.  And yet, it is very powerful.  Dog’s don’t lie, they don’t play games and they don’t have hidden agendas.  Their motives are pretty simple…I love you and I want you to love me.

At AZ Dog Smart Academy part of our curriculum is our “Dog Behavior” class. Actually, we think it’s so very crucial to being an effective dog trainer, that it is our level 1 class and we teach it first.

If you like to make your own hours, wear comfy clothes, combine exercise & work, and enjoy talking to people; our school for dog trainers may be a perfect fit for you. There are many resources to choose from. Check into a dog training academy that provides accredited trainers and a certification program. If you love dogs, want a flexible job, and you want to educate others about what you love, this may be your dream career!

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