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service dog, therapy dog, service, assistance, dog training, dog trainer AZ Dog Sports (AZDS) is excited to offer a new, affordable program geared at making a mobility service dog or diabetic alert dog a reality for people across the Valley.  Service dogs can learn tasks like retrieving dropped items, helping open and close doors and cabinets, turning lights on and off, and many other tasks that can aid a person in greater autonomy and better quality of life.

Most Service Dog programs have long waiting lists, and very large price tags, and rely on a mature dog being able to bond with a stranger. Our program will be timely, affordable, and build on the existing bond between you and your dog.

This program is for people who currently have a dog they would like trained to help them; as well as people who don’t currently have a dog but need help in the initial puppy evaluation.  We highly encourage prospective clients to seek our help in obtaining the right service dog prospect.  (This can be a rescue dog, adult dog or puppy.)

Our Academy consists of two potential training levels. After the prospect dog is evaluated by an AZDS trainer; they can enter the first level of training with a goal of training the dog to become a Canine Good Citizen, therapy dog, or Home Helpmate. These dogs will have learned important obedience and body awareness skills for living with their guardian or family member with a mobility impairment. Dogs who complete level one will be able to assist their handler with daily tasks around the home.


service dog, therapy dog, service, assistance, dog training, dog trainer

Service Dog Program Phase 1 - $1200

  • Each team will be provided with a high-quality, lifetime handmade leather 8-way lead, a treat pouch, treats, a clicker, and a place mat for beginning training with initial sign up (one time).
  • This first phase can take anywhere from 3 to 4 months, while the dog learns and matures.
  • 3 consecutive months, Silver membership (10 classes maximum each month)
  • Handler and dog may be required to repeat some courses before advancing to the Second Level.
  • Beginner classes include, Puppy Obedience, Polite K9, Obedience 1 and 2, CGC, Intro to Service Dog.
  • Intermediate classes include, Helpful Canine, Scentwork and Beginning Public Access.
  • Advanced classes include Working Canine, Intermediate and Advanced Public Access, Service Dog level 2 and 3


service dog, therapy dog, service, assistance, dog training, dog trainer

Service Dog Program Phase 2 – Public Access and Continuing Advanced Service Skills - $1500

  • This level of study is customized to each client’s needs and can last anywhere from 2 to 8 months. Length of training depends on the requirements of the individual guardian, the dog’s level of maturity, and ability to work on the desired tasks.
  • An AZ Dog Sports service dog trainer comes to work with each person and dog team in their home environment weekly. Teams work on customized lessons in home and in the dog’s own environment.
  • This level consists of 30 days (one month) of training that include:
    • Training approximately four times per week, with our professional staff; while the dog remains housed in their own home.
    • 2 hours of small group classes per week with a professional head trainer/and an apprentice trainer.
    • 1-hour, in-home private training (4 max) skills sessions.
    • 1-hour public access training sessions (4 max). Here our trainer teaches the basic applications of public access, sociability, and team skills.  A dog is required to possess these skills to pass the high standards for access to all public locations. In this part of the training, your dog will be required to wear appropriate service dog designations and approved “in-training” service dog apparel, per Arizona Dog Sports Policy; not required under ADA law.

Please contact us for more details 602-237-6775